Pixie Haircut Transformation: Kara’s Pixie Before and After

A little about Kara’s transformation story, she had been wanting to cut her hair for 2 years until the perfect opportunity presented itself (Hurray for #pixieparade!). Kara’s hair is really, REALLY thick and extra straight so if you are wondering if you can pull off a pixie with your thick straight hair then you now know that the option is on the table. Because Kara’s hair was so thick I spent a lot of extra time (and I mean a lot) thinning out and texturizing her hair so that it would have some texture and movement. If you cut incredibly thick hair short and don’t texturize and thin it out then it will sit there on top of your head like a solid block of hair, or I like to refer to it as helmet hair. I Also recommend you use Paul Mitchel Super Skinny serum on damp hair for super thick hair because it helps to cut down drying time immensely and it will help tame the hair cuticle so it doesn’t get so big and out of control. You can have yourself a workable smooth hairstyle if you use the right techniques and products.

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