EASY Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial: for STRAIGHT& CURLY HAIR.
Today we’re learning 3 ways to waterfall braid! This hairstyle tutorial is here to help you learn how to style your waterfall braid!
You all have seen our Ladder Braid Ponytail video we uploaded two weeks ago and may have noticed that it was one of our more popular of recent videos. We wanted to create something even [More]
Today’s video is a tutorial on how to do waterfall braid! its a step by step video and I hope it was helpful for you! leave a comment letting me know what u want to [More]
HOW TO: Waterfall Braid Short Hair Tutorial.
This 2-minute tutorial is the most-popular Waterfall Braid tutorial on YouTube! It’s a follow-up to our original tutorial after fans said it was impossible to create for yourself!
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A Back to Basics tutorial showing how to do a Waterfall Braid!
I love this braid. It’s really easy to do and it looks great. There are many different ways to finish the braid and I mention them a little bit in the video. I hope you [More]