How to Do Long Hairstyle With Bangs

How to Do Long Hairstyle With Bangs :
This hairstyle helps you get bangs in your hair without having to chop them. If you are planning to grow your hair and don’t feel like chopping them and yet feel the need for a change and want to get bangs in front, then this is the style for you.

Always start any hairstyle by first ensuring that hair is clean and brushed well. Knotted up messy hair cannot make your hairstyle look good. Start by taking a section of hair from the front. Comb out this section really well. Divide this section into very thin subsections. Take each section slightly over the forehead and then pin it up with the help of bobby pins on to the sides.

Make sure that pins are not to be seen. You can camouflage it with the hair on the side. The same way keeps taking small sections of the hair and pins them up without it being visible. This is an ideal look to try if you feel the need to grow your hair and yet like the look of bang on your face. This look can work very well with a woman who has a large forehead. The bangs actually give an illusion otherwise.

The rest of the hair can be left loose. Or if you feel the need to style them as well then you can try some curls on them.

Make sure that you secure the bobby pins properly because you don’t want the bangs to get undone midway. And remember to conceal the booby pins well, otherwise it will not look like will be just another pinned up hairstyle. To change your look you try a lot of hairstyles. But every time to try out an elaborate hairstyle can get very tiresome. Sometimes you feel like doing up your hair but lack the time. This hairstyle is just what you need in times like that. So try out this style and enjoy a slightly different look.

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