Hair Spa Treatment at Home. Easy Steps. DIY.I Simi Bella

Hello Everybody, today I am showing you a Hair Spa at home video. I received so many requests from viewers who asked me to do a hair care routine. So, this is one of them in the series and my fav. hair care routine too.
Hair Spas in Salons generally costs around Rs. 500-1500 depending on the salon. Do it at home and save a lot of your hard earned money bcs the result is 99% the same even if you do it at home. One Loreal Spa (around Rs500 per bottle) will provide you around 10 to 15 Hair spas depending upon the length of our hair.

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Hope this video helps many of you out there.

1. Wash your hair with any shampoo. Skip conditioner.
2. Mix 2/3/4 spoons of Loreal hair mask depending on how much u think u require) & 2 pumps of any Hair serum.
3. Divide hair into sections. Start applying the mask and brush it with ur fingers repetitively until you feel hair is covered with mask.
4. Repeat Step 3 until all of the hair is covered with the mask.
5. Cover ur hair with a shower cap or a polythene bag to lock in the moisture. Keep it for 30-45 mins & the rinse ur hair only with water, preferably room temperature. Do not shampoo again. 😛
Your hair spa is done!
6. (Extra Step ) If you want the HOT STEAM EFFECT, boil some water. When still reasonably hot, soak ur rolled up towel and squeeze the hot water out of the towel. Cover ur head with the towel. (Be careful while doing this bcs the towel will be quite hot). Keep it for 10 minutes or until the towel loses its warmth. Rinse ur hair in water only, preferably room temperature. Do not shampoo again. Your hair spa is done!

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