4 Ways Perfect Bangs Tutorial

4 Ways Perfect Bangs Tutorial :
Enjoy my suggestions for adding fun to your bangs! I’m wearing 18in bellami extensions in 613. With long layers and long bangs which I normally part in the center. Please try out all the styles on your bangs and let me know how you prefer to wear your bangs! I show you four simple effortless ways how to style and wear your bans. Maybe you’re having a bad hair day?

This could help hide fix problematic bangs that day. Or it could just be simple add-on one to your everyday looks. I show the classic “bump” where the bangs are just clipped back, with a little bit of teasing to ensure they stay and secure all day! The simple side-swept bangs, with a bonus little bang haircut trick. In which to take your bangs to the next level of versatile, where you can have short bangs one day and longer bangs the other day. And then if you don’t like your bangs, or are trying to grow them out, the other option would be to just split them down the middle, and I showed you to blow dry them so they virtually melt into the rest of your hair for the illusion of no bangs just flow-y voluminous hair!

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